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So, how exactly does this work? 

Our family in Lebanon is working to distribute food and resources to those affected by the Beirut explosions. Our aunt has worked in the Lebanese Red Cross for 40+ years. But right now, help is needed immediately-- there is no running water, no electricity, and over 250,000 people are still homeless. She has organized a group of people that are working tirelessly to provide on-the-ground support. The profits from this book sale will go directly to this group. Their work is focused on distributing food, providing shelter, and allotting funds to rebuild homes. 

Each book will cost no more than $15 and we approximate $7 for each shipment. All money beyond that will go to our aunt in Lebanon. 

Where else can you donate? 

The Lebanese government is grappling with economic instability and corruption. It's imperative to send money to trusted humanitarian organizations. Here are a few organizations we've heard good things about: 


Our Taunt Marlene, Mimo for short, working at the Red Cross in the 90s.

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